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Maximum weapons and distances.

Pistols, revolvers, assault and sniper rifles, shotguns. 

 Welcome to the Rajská Zahrada tunnel range. Company STŘELECKÝ SERVIS, was founded in 1991, and has prepared the following shooting programs for you. We believe that you will definitely have something to choose from our wide offers. The information below will give you some details on the many other programs we offer here.

Why our 

shooting range ? 


+ We are the largest and longest shooting range in Prague.
+ You can reach us by subway  from downtown in about 20 minutes.  Avoid traffic jam.
+ It doesn't rain on our shooting range, it doesn't snow and the wind doesn't blow. We have indoor             shooting  range.
+ We have the largest selection of weapons.
+ We can use the most powerful ammunition.
+ We will provide refreshments for you.
+ We keep low prices and offer a variety of bonuses!
+ We offer professional instructors approach.

Bonuses and benefits

1. When ordering and paying in advance, we will add 5 rounds to the RUGER revolver in caliber .44 Magnum. (500,- CZK VALUE)

Please note: this offer only applies to 3Guns, Military and Police, and Best of the Best shooting programs. 

2. For groups of 5+ people, we will add 10 rounds to AK 74 in caliber 5,45x39 (500,- CZK VALUE)

Please note: this offer only applies to 3Guns, Military and Police, and Best of the Best shooting programs.

3. When you arrive by subway, we will give you free transport tickets. 

Please note: this offer is valid for all shooting programs.

How to do it?

1. Start with program selection and order.

First, choose your favorite weapons or choose acording to price, then send us your order, e-mail, SMS, reply form. After setting the date and accepting it we will ask you to pay a deposit of 50%. After receiveing deposit we consider your reservation as final.

2. Transport to the shooting range.

We recommend you use subway or TAXI. If you choose subway you will avoid any possible traffic jam and do not waste time waiting for a driver. None of our programs includes the price for transport to the shooting range. At these low prices for shooting, you save on taxi or limousine, and you have left over money! If you wish, we will arrange transport to the shooting range and back for a fee.

3. Safety instructions

When you arrive at the shooting range, we will provide you with all the information you need, to successfully complete the shooting program.

4. Introducing weapons

According to your shooting program, we will familiarize you with each weapon and its function.

5. Shooting

 Now you can enjoy your preferred shooting package, under the supervision of experienced instructors.

6. Photography

For safety reasons, taking photo's with guns is only possible after the end of shooting program, after the weapons are safety checked. It is strictly prohibited to point the weapons at other people, including yourself!

7. Refreshments

We offer as standard: Water, Soda, Juice, Cola, Apples, Bananas

We can arrange for you to order: Sausage, Cake, Coffee or Tea

8. Souvenirs

As a reminder of your shooting experience we offer you small gift items that you can buy at our reception.


Notice !

No alcohol! No drugs!

On the territory of the Czech Republic there is zero tolerance of alcohol when handling and firing weapons. Alcohol, as well as any other substance likely to impair normal mental or physical bodily functions, must not be used before or while handling or shooting guns. All clients who will show signs of intoxication (residual alcohol) or drunkenness will be excluded from the shooting range, without refunding money! We recommend all our clients the day before shooting, not to drink alcoholic beverages.

No smoking!

For safety reasons, a strict smoking ban, including electronic cigarettes, is strictly prohibited in all areas of the shooting range. At a safe distance of at least 10 meters from the entrance of the shooting range there is a smoking place.

Safety instructions!

As we shoot real weapons and real ammunition that is used by themilitary and police, you must obey the instructions of our instructors´ at alltimes, to maintain order and safety. Improper handling of weapons can causeserious injury, invalid or even death. That is why listening to instructors'instructions is an absolute must. In the event of a violation of theirinstructions, you will be immediately expelled.During the shooting sessions, everyone present is required to useprotective goggles and hearing protectors! There is a strict ban on smoking and use of open fire in the shooting range,even within 10 meters of the entrance door! Visitors to the shooting range must not be under the influence of alcohol, evenin residual quantities. At the shooting range, you are forbidden to take audio and video recordings,including photography. Taking pictures is only possible with the instructors´consent, in a dedicated time after shooting. Even though the weapons aredischarged and checked, you must never aim at another person or yourself.We only operate in groups, under the supervision of qualifiedinstructors. Without the instructors´ approval, you're not allowed to touch ormanipulate with any weapons or ammunition. The area is monitored andsuspicious behavior can be judged as an illegal activity with legalconsequences.

We look forward to you!