Shooting programs from the V.I.P. (EXTREME, MAX and SNIPER) are designed for experienced shooters or those interested in maximum experience. Each program contains very interesting weapons and allows a truly extraordinary experience. The number of rounds, the type of weapons and the shooting distance are listed for each program. These shooting programs are designed for the most demanding shooters who want to enjoy it and get an unforgettable shooting experience.

15 weapons and 131 rounds.
Time range: 2 to 4 hours.
Minimum 3 people - total price for 3 people - 16.500,- CZK (660 EUR)
Every other shooter + 4.800,- CZK (192 EUR)

Orders, Contact, Information:
Manager Mrs. Hana, tel. + 420 736 260 080, (we prefer email communication)


1. PISTOLS - 9 mm Luger, 5 weapons, 50 rounds, 25 meters
Glock 17 - 10x
Walther PPQ - 10x
Springfield XDM - 10x
CZ 75 - 10x
Heckler & Koch SFP9 - 10x

2. REVOLVERS - 2 weapons, 6 rounds, 25 meters
Smith a Wesson 357 - 5x
Ruger Superredhawk 44 - 1x

- 9 mm Luger, 3 weapons, 30 rounds, 25 meters
Scorpion EVO - 10x
AR 15 - 10x
UZI - 10x

4. RIFLES - 5 weapons, 45 rounds, 50 meters
AR 15 - 10x
AK 47 - 10x
AK 74 - 10x
Galil - 10x
Saiga 12 - 5x


The program includes many of the most widespread service weapons. We have prepared for you the fifteen most widespread weapons that are used by armed forces and large quantities of ammunition. 131 rounds you'll be excited about. Long rifles are equipped with optical sights for easier aiming. If you are a man who wants to try out service weapons, this program is right for you.

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