How to get here?

1. Metro

"B" Yellow Line, station Rajská Zahrada and 300 meters on foot in the direction of travel, next to the blue spiral staircase is the entrance to our shooting range.

2. By own car or Taxi

In front of the entrance there is a parking lot.


It is necessary to place an order. The order is necessary and without it you can not go to the shooting range and be satisfied. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to your orders.

 How to get here?

The easiest way to get from the center of Prague is Metro "B" - Rajská Zahrada station.

After getting out of the metro, continue walking about 300 meters in the direction of travel and you will come closer to the blue spiral staircase. In close proximity of the blue spiral staircase we have the main entrance to the reception.

Metro "B" Yelow Line station Rajská Zahrada
Metro "B" Yelow Line station Rajská Zahrada


Cíglerova (street address)

Praha 9 - Černý Most, 198 00

+420 736 260 133

Just two minutes walk.


Only 300 meters away.

SHOOTING RANGE.CZ, STŘELECKÝ SERVIS s.r.o.,  Praha 9 - Černý Most, 198 00
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